WORLD OF HORROR is a very freaky 1-bit styled survival horror RPG adventure with roguelike elements, where you use clues, spells and your dwindling sanity to deal with the cosmic horrors that are invading your world.

The devs of WORLD OF HORROR are trying to emulate the 1-bit aesthetics of early Mac games, but in reality there’s nothing that looks (or plays) quite like this game. The visual style is like a Manga comic book that’s rendered with 1-bit pixel art while the gameplay contains a mixture of exploration, random events, puzzle solving, survival horror and turn-based RPG combat.

The current build of WORLD OF HORROR features two playable characters and one story, which revolves around a tall woman with “the widest smile and the sharpest of scissors” who is stalking your local school. You need to explore the school and search for the required items to perform a ritual and slay the tall woman. The places you visit in the school and the events that occur are randomized, so no two playthroughs are the same, but if you survive long enough then you should always be able to accrue all the items you need.

As well as the tall woman, there are a variety of other Lovecraftian monsters that you’ll run into while exploring the school, triggering a turn based RPG style combat sequence. You have a satisfying amount of defensive and offensive options available to you. There are a variety of spells you can use too and and you can even choose to have a quick look around for a handy weapon to use (which really comes in handy).

It’s a very unique and well crafted horror game that manages to squeeze an incredible amount of dread and terror from its retro chip-tune audio and 1-bit visuals. With every move you make you’re never sure what new horror you’re going to come fact to face and whether you’ll be equipped to deal with it. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The WORLD OF HORROR Beta Demo Here (Windows)