World Warfare – Beta Download

World Warfare is a slow paced, but very addictive massively multiplayer WWII RTS that sees hundreds of players facing off in huge battles that take place over seven day periods.

World Warfare is technically a RTS, but the glacially slow speed everything moves at makes it more akin to a turn based strategy game. Troops slowly crawl across the screen and simple tasks such as upgrading buildings and purchasing troops and can take several minutes. The slow pace isn’t actually a bad thing though – it allows you plenty of time to plan ahead and you can even exit the game and leave your troops to fend for themselves in your absence.

There are no 30 minute skirmishes in World Warfare. Battles take place in real time over a one week period, with players dropping in and dropping out throughout (with their armies left to their own devices while players are logged out). During the initial stage where you’re building up your base it feels a little like an incremental clicker, then once you’ve amassed a decent sized army you can start conquering territory. Each territory you conquer can be built on, earning you more resources for your efforts.

There are lots of upgrades to purchase and over forty different land, sea and air units from the WWII era to command. You can also form alliances, allowing you to join forces with other players and do some serious damage on the battlefield.

World Warfare was previously released on mobile devices and gathered a sizeable following, but the jump to Steam allows for a better UI, snazzier visuals and more epic feeling battles. Newcomers will take a little time to get used to the slow pace of the battles, but once you get the hang of it World Warfare’s drop in drop out week long RTS battles can be very addictive. Slow paced real time strategy on an epic scale.

Download The World Warfare Beta Here