Worlds Apart – Game Jam Build Download

Worlds Apart Game Download

Worlds Apart, a cinematic, beautiful space themed game made for Jamchester 2017 has you controlling the planet Gaia – a small planet that uses her environment to save other planets from their demise.

Gaia has been around for a long time, drifting between different atmospheres around the sun. She hopes to help other planets so that they too can have a long life in this galaxy. You control Gaia and can propel yourself away from the sun by quickly ejecting mass from the planet.

Each atmosphere outside the sun is a different color and provides your planet with a different resource. As you go into these different atmospheres, you will gain more of a specific resource or lose some of others. For example, if you are close to the sun, your water will start to dry up. If you are furthest away, your water will turn to ice. If you are in the green area, your trees will grow. All of these different attributes can be seen as they transform your world – you can zoom into your planet by clicking it and watch its surface change before your eyes, becoming a completely different type of planet.

As previously mentioned, other planets will start to appear in this universe. These planets need something – some resource it can’t quite reach. You must gain that resource then shoot it to the other planet, being mindful of the gravitational pull of the sun, and help the planet reach ascension. You do have a limited amount of the needed resource, so you will need to aim carefully or have to go back and collect more.

Worlds Apart is a wonderful experience, complete with beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay, and a short, meaningful story. Well worth checking out for some planetary propagation puzzling.

Note: You do not have to click on your planet to aim where you want to shoot. You can click and aim at any point on the screen.

Download Worlds Apart Here (Windows)