Wormatozoa – Alpha Download

Wormatozoa is a wonderfully gross mouse-based precision platformer where you attempt to guide a tapeworm through the fleshy insides of its host.

Drawing inspiration from Snake, Super Meat Boy and golf, in each level of Wormatozoa your aim is to guide your gross little worm to its egg. You guide the worm with your mouse and if it hits a fleshy wall then it will dash to it and anchor itself to that location.

Your worm can grow as long as you like as you guide it through the air, but if its body hits a hazard then it will instantly die. You generally need to dash between anchor points, avoiding hazards as you make your way to your egg. You also get a Golf-esque score for your performance, depending on how many anchor points you used.

It’s still early in development so has some rough edges, but the core gameplay of Wormatozoa is very addictive and it’s a very unique take on the platforming genre. The way you guide your worm through the air is particularly enjoyable and the levels offer a real challenge. A little wormy adventure with a lot of promise.

Download The Wormatozoa Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)