Wormhole Wars – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Wormhole Wars is an incredible new Unreal Engine 4 powered multiplayer FPS that infuses Portal-style space-bending with fast paced arena shooter combat.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, Wormhole Wars introduces wrist mounted portal guns into its adrenaline-fuelled first person arena combat. It features fast paced run and gun action with a selection of high powered weaponry that players can pick up and blast opponents with, but it’s the tactical options afforded by the portal guns that make it a very enticing prospect.

The portal guns work much like in Portal, with you firing portals onto two different surfaces and then able to travel between them. This allows for some incredible tactical combat possibilities hitherto unseen in a multiplayer FPS – with you able to (among other things) shoot through portals at opponents, jump or fall through them (while maintaining your momentum), and even place a portal below an opponent so they get sucked through them.

It’s a great looking game that has some fantastic gameplay possibilities The only thing that confuses us is that Portal is a 10 year old game, why has nobody thought of doing this until now?!

We have 50 Wormhole Wars Steam Alpha Keys to Giveaway! To enter, carry out any of the actions in the widget below, each action earns another entry into the raffle. Winners will be notified on Wednesday. The next playtest takes place between 7pm-9pm Pacific time, and 19-21 CEST Wed 18th. The devs are also very keen to hear feedback, so feel free to drop by the Wormhole Wars Discord Group anytime and say hi!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, 50 more keys have been added to the giveaway! Good Luck!

Wormhole Wars Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!