Worms Rumble – Open Beta

Worms Rumble is a fun new take on the classic Worms franchise which switches up the traditional turn based artillery warfare in favor of some fast paced real-time worm-on-worm mayhem!

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in July during the closed Beta Sign Up, Worms Rumble is now in open Beta so everyone can jump in for some worm-fraggin fun. It features 32 player deathmatch and last worm standing modes, with each player taking control of a single worm and doing battle in large side-scrolling maps in real-time.

The transition of the little invertebrates antics from turn-based to real-time gameplay works really well and it retains all the character and anarchic chaos of the previous games. There’s a wide selection of classic Worms weapons to use and there are even fun little mini-events where that implement temporary modifiers – such as dramatically increased weapon damage.

It’s quite amazing that it’s taken 25 years for the Worms series to go real-time as it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The only thing that could improve things would be if the environment was destructible (but with 32 players doing battle in real-time it may not be feasible). Jump in now for soem wriggly real-time wormy warfare!

Download The Worms Rumble Open Beta Here (Steam)