Wounded – Alpha Demo


Wounded, a game being created by Workbench Entertainment, is an extremely eerie survival horror game in which you search for your missing daughter in a very creepy hotel.

Wounded induces fear, sweaty palms and an increased heart beat but with its tense atmosphere, creepy sounds and beautifully written score. You play as a father in search of your daughter after a car accident. You awaken to the sound of your car’s radiator blowing steam. The windshield is shattered, glass all around you, but your daughter is nowhere to be seen. After exiting the vehicle you notice a nearby power box that you decide to switch on. Once powered up, the lights of an old supermarket and motel light up, the lights glowing with neon red and green, with the car parks lights also turning on in the process. Sounds from around you make your head turn, wondering if someone is there watching you from the shadows. In search of your daughter you enter the motel, old and decrepit without a living soul insight.

Wounded initially lures you in to a sense of calm and safety at the beginning, but it’s only when the trees start to rustle in the wind do things start taking a turn for the worse. The musical score of the game slowly builds up as you enter the motel for the first time, with dim lights and blood splatter sprawled across the floors. This gaming is just oozing with potential and it immerses you within the first three to four minutes of the game with its well thought out intro to the game. Highly recommended for fans of horror survival games, or anyone that needs a good jump scare to get their adrenaline pumping.

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Download the Wounded Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)