Woven – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)


Woven is an adorable puzzle adventure set in a charming hand stitched world, in which you can swap out body parts to alter the appearance and attributes of your character, allowing you to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

In Woven you control a flying drone who befriends a cute little patchwork elephant. Your drone has the ability to scan other creatures that Stuffy the Elephant meets then swap out his body parts in strange machines that are scattered around the land. As well as creating some super cute animal hybrids (such as an elephant rabbit), the new parts also give you useful animal-related abilities. So for example if you add the legs of a bunny rabbit to your elephant you’ll gain the ability to jump large distances.

Woven is still very early in development, and we have some reservations about the slightly clunky control scheme, but otherwise it’s a wonderful adventure with inventive body swapping gameplay, beautiful patchwork visuals and adorable animals to meet. Fun with fabric.

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Download The Woven Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)