WRECK – Alpha Demo

WRECK is a brutal voxel-based FPS where you can destroy anything in the game and blast enemies through walls.

In WRECK you’re an agent who is sent out on missions to eliminate targets. The game plays a little like a first person Hotline Miami, with fast-paced gameplay and non-reloading guns. The hook is the voxel-based environmental destruction though – you can punch or shoot any object or structure and it will be destroyed. This not only looks cool, but also allows you to shoot enemies through walls.

The current build of WRECK features a handful of single-player levels and feels a lot like a tech demo (pretty basic visuals and some rough edges), but it’s a lot of fun. The guns feel great (especially the shotgun), the gameplay is fast and fluid, and the voxel-based destruction is a delight. It just needs some more detailed environments, better lighting and some more varied objectives/level design. There’s also a multiplayer mode planned, which should be a lot of fun!

Download The WRECK Alpha Demo Here (Steam)