WrestleQuest – Beta Demo

WrestleQuest is a narrative-driven wrestling RPG adventure where two wrestling action toys set out on a quest for glory.

Currently in development by Mega Cat Studios (creators of Coffee Crisis and Bite The Bullet) WrestleQuest is an RPG adventure that takes place in a land of living wrestling action figures. It doesn’t have the WWE licence, but it does have some wrestling legends, such as Jake the Snake Roberts, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and André the Giant. In the game you will take two unknown wrestlers and lead them to glory in the ring.

The WrestleQuest demo features a sizable chunk of gameplay, and sees you taking control of two different wrestlers with separate storylines that will intersect – Randy Santos who thinks wrestling is real and Brink Logan who thinks the story is everything. You can explore the world and complete quests, and when you enter combat with an enemy it’s all done in the ring with turn-based combat. It turns out there’s quite a lot to being a successful wrestler, with you using attacks, gimmicks and taunts to beat your opponent and get the crowd cheering.

It’s a fun game that delivers a refreshing change from traditional fantasy RPGs and buggy WWE fighting games. The combat has plenty of depth, the pixel art visuals are excellent and it’s got a great sense of humor. It’s clear the devs have a real passion for the golden era of 90’s wrestling and the game is packed full of great little details. Highly recommended.

Download The WrestleQuest Beta Demo Here (Steam)