Writer’s Block – Alpha Demo

Writer’s Block is a creepy and surreal point and click survival horror adventure in which jealousy rears its ugly head (literally) as your mental state manifests into nightmares and monsters.

In Writer’s Block you take on the role of a frustrated writer who has failed to earn any acclaim (or money) for his writing, whilst his lifelong friend has managed to write a trashy sci-fi bestseller. He’s your friend, but you are increasingly envious of his success, particularly as you firmly believe your writing to be far better than his. Throughout the demo this jealousy manifests itself into surreal nightmares and monsters, with you using a mixture of puzzle solving and stealth as you attempt to escape them.

The current demo build of Writer’s Block focuses on the jealousy of your friend’s success, but the full game will cover more emotions and memories for you to confront as you attempt to finish writing your book before the start of an upcoming book festival. Interestingly, it features a branching narrative too – in the current build you can either escape the jealousy monster or become consumed with it, with your attitude changing depending on the outcome.

It’s a very promising game with a very creepy atmosphere, great artwork and an intriguing narrative. It’ll be interesting to see how the protagonist changes and if he becomes more likeable as the game progresses and he confronts more of his emotions. Will he change his ways or become consumed by his inner demons?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Writer’s Block Alpha Demo Here (Windows)