Writespace – Game Jam Build

Writespace is an ingenious puzzle game in which you move and change direction by typing words and must plan your movements very carefully as you attempt to navigate confined spaces.

In Writespace you find yourself transformed into a typewriter after touching a cursed scroll that you find in a haunted house. The upshot of this is that you now have to navigate your surroundings by typing, with you collecting keys and trying to reach the exit of each level.

You can type any letters you like to continue on in a straight line, but to change direction you need to type ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Left’ or ‘Right’. When you type the last letter of any of these commands then you’ll automatically start moving in that direction.

Navigating the first few levels is easy enough, but soon you will encounter areas with tight spaces which require some real problem solving and forward planning. Of special importance is the length of the word you’re trying to type – you need a lot less space to type ‘Up’ than you do to type ‘Right’. It’s not only your surroundings that you have to account for either – the puzzles start to get exceptionally devious when you start cutting across your own trail.

It’s a fantastic little puzzle game with a great typewriter-print aesthetic and some superb level design that makes great use of the type-to-move mechanics, forcing you to think outside of the box and plan your actions. Highly recommended.

Tip: You can backtrack across your own trail if you type the exact same letters as are in your trail. Also you can press Backspace to delete your trail.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Writespace Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)