WRLDCRAFT – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

WRLDCRAFT is an innovative massively multiplayer augmented reality game that allows players to build Minecraft-esque constructions in the real world and leave them there for other players to discover!

The augmented reality sandbox building gameplay of WRLDCRAFT is pretty similar to the Minecraft Hololens tech demo from Microsoft’s 2015’s E3 conference. Obviously the crafting building elements in WRLDCRAFT aren’t anywhere near as comprehensive as Minecraft but at least you won’t have to fork out a fortune for a Hololens – WRLDCRAFT is playable on most iOS and Android devices.

WRLDCRAFT allows you to build small structures on a tabletop or floor in your house or you can claim a plot of land in the real world and get building some full sized structures. As well as building you’ll be able to dig for gold and gems, go treasure hunting, leave messages for other players and explore “virtual” caves hidden in the real world (like this one) , leave messages to the world.

Obviously you really don’t want to be playing this game near any busy roads but it’s a fantastic concept that will not only allow you to build and share your creations, but will also allow you to step inside them, explore them and appreciate their full scale. A very exciting use of augmented reality that will allow players to turn the real world into their world.

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