Wumple – Game Jam Build

Wumple is a fun puzzle game where you find yourself making your way through 14 different levels, with more monsters and challenges as time goes on. Each of the levels have a number of children in them, showcased by weird, static heads that do not move, as well as fruit that you can collect for more points. However, there are different monsters that move in various patterns, run after you, and otherwise try to destroy you in this world.

In the game you are just having a normal day at work, when suddenly, someone comes in looking for their 40 children. You heard that right, they’ve somehow lost 40 kids in an alternate dimension full of snakes, slugs, and creatures that want you dead. Oh, and your boss has given this task to you to complete. It is your job after all…

Many of the levels wrap around, so you need to be really aware of this colorful world, so that you can see if characters will come from the other side of the screen and destroy you. You do have three lives, so when you die in a level, the fruit and kids you’ve already collected do stay collected, unless you’ve run out of lives. In that case, you have to restart the level completely and try your luck. All things considered, this is really generous in the way lives are used.

Between many of the levels, you get to talk to your boss. Now, the writing in Wumple is really entertaining and a big highlight in the game. Bite-sized conversations tell you that your job sucks, your boss is quite lazy, and nobody seems to be competent enough to really know what’s going on. Oh, and how much are you getting paid for risking your life? Wumple is a fun, playful and well developed game that can be easily played in one evening.

Play Wumple Here (Browser)