Wyst – Game Jam Build Download


Wyst is a tricky low poly first person puzzler set on a mysterious floating island in which you must grow a magical tree high enough to help you escape.

Although graphically it’s very different, the puzzle design in Wyst is similar to Myst.  There are no objectives laid out for you, you simply have to experiment with the panels scattered across the island and figure out how they will aid your escape.  Created for Ludum Dare 34, there are three main puzzles on the island that offer a nice bit of variety – the pillars puzzle in particular can be deceptively tricky, but you’ll be kicking yourself when you figure it out!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, Wyst is a fun puzzler with a great art style and intelligent puzzle design, that makes the little island a joy to explore as you uncover its mysteries.  Low poly high style first person puzzling.

Play Wyst Here (Win & Mac)