X-Speed is a fast paced, futuristic racer similar to WipEout and F-Zero.  There’s a nice selection of ships to choose from, all upgradeable using credits won through races and power-ups can be found around the track.  Take part in races, tournaments or Arena Deathmatches, with online multiplayer due to be implemented before release.  It still needs development, but the game already has a great sense of speed, a clean visual style, a suitably techno/dance soundtrack, good controlsl, and most importantly, it’s fun to play.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and still needs a bit of work before it’s released.  One thing the Devs are keen to do is change the name, as they’re not very keen on ‘X-Speed’, so if you have any ideas, get in touch with them (@DamienSturdy), and you might get your name in the Credits.

You can play the Web based Alpha from the link below, we recommend using the keyboard for throttle/braking, and the mouse for steering for max precision.

Vote for it on Greenlight HERE

Play the game through Unity in your browser HERE