Xenno the Rogue – Alpha Demo


Xenno the Rogue is a fun old school action platformer with brutal combat and great pixel art visuals that are reminiscent of the Bitmap Brothers classic, Gods.

Xenno the Rogue is actually a remaster/remake of a highly regarded 15 year old game that the dev still receives fan mail about today. In it you play an elite soldier in a world filled with undead monsters, who wages war against his former army after they kidnap his family. Along the way you fight monsters and soldiers, discover secrets and unlock new skills and weaponry.

Xenno the Rogue is still early in development, so does have a few rough edges (particularly some of the character animation), but the gameplay is great fun, it has an interesting world to explore and some very satisfying combat (especially once you get your hands on the bow and arrow). A great little old school action platforming adventure that’s packed full of character.

Download The Xenno the Rogue Alpha Demo Here (Windows)