Xeno Crisis – Game Jam Build Download

xeno crisis

Xeno Crisis, an infinite Megaman-like made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you upgrading your arsenal and defeating Xenos before the plague spreads to the rest of the Galaxy.

You have been sent to a nearby moon in order to exterminate the Xenos before they spread. You only have a weak gun to defend yourself against these dark monsters. As you drop into the games infinite randomly generated dungeons populated with different types of enemies, you must go in guns blazing. As you defeat these beings, you will gain gems that are useful for weapon upgrades.

After you have defeated all of the monsters in your room, you are able to buy two upgrades (if you’ve collected enough gems). These upgrades are random each time you leave the room. You can upgrade your gun to deal more damage, shoot faster or in a different pattern, and gain more health. Some upgrades cost quite a lot of gems, so sometimes you might want to save your gems in hope of a different upgrade.

It’s a fun game, that offers a fun slice of old school arcade action. Exterminate as many of these Xenos as you can, before they spread to the rest of the world!

Download Xeno Crisis Here (Windows & Mac)