Xenonauts 2 – Kickstarter Demo

Xenonauts 2 is the sequel to 2014’s critically acclaimed Xenonauts, featuring Sci-Fi isometric turn based strategy inspired by the early X-Com games.

As in the original Xenonauts 2 is set in an alternate history where aliens have been attempting to invade Earth since the late 50’s and you are in charge of a multinational organisation that’s attempting to fight them off. The gameplay draws inspiration from the classic 90’s X-Com titles, with the gameplay split up into strategic management of your organisation and missions that feature turn based tactical combat.

Managing your organisation involves you protecting the countries that fund you from infiltration, researching new technology, base building and managing your staff. The missions see the game switching to an isometric perspective, with turn based battles set in fully destructible environments, a large assortment of possible soldier loadouts and a wide variety of different aliens to tackle on the battlefield.

Xenonauts 2 promises to expand on the original’s gameplay to create a deeper strategic planetary defense experience. It looks set to make better use of the alternate history Cold War setting, offer more interesting decisions to make and an assortment of exotic new toys to fend off the aliens with.

The Kickstarter demo features a single combat mission and really impresses with it’s easily accessible tactical turn based gameplay. It plays pretty similarly to the previous installment and is fairly easy to beat, but there are a few useful new features, such as a rotatable camera, weapon swapping, overwatch fire modes, crouching and shot previews that indicate the accuracy of the shots.

It’s nice to see Xenonauts back for some more alien battling turn based strategy and it’s shaping up very nicely. It’s already surpassed it’s Kickstarter goal of £50,000 in just one day so there are clearly plenty of people in the market for some old school X-Com style strategic planetary defense. Check it out now and show those aliens who’s boss!

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