Xenoraid – Steam Beta Key Giveaway


Xenoraid is a very strategic take on the traditional vertical scrolling shoot ’em up, with you using short controlled bursts to dispatch enemies, whilst dodging bullets and managing your team of four spacecraft which you can switch between in an instant.

In Xenoraid you take part in procedurally generated battles between earth and an invading alien force. You have access to four ships, each with different loadouts, which can be switched between in the middle of combat at the touch of the button. If one of these ships blows up then they’re gone forever and you’ll have to buy a new one, but if you cycle your ships during combat you can keep the ones that are ready to explode out of the action and repair them once the mission ends.

You can purchase new ships, and upgrade equipment, but you also have to pay for repairs – so every single hit that your ships costs money which could of gone towards a new upgrade. This makes dodging those bullets an even higher priority, there’s no place for reckless gung ho pilots here – accurate shooting and careful flying are the what will win the day (especially as weapons will overheat if you just fire constantly).

Xenoraid is still early in development and cool do with a little more visual flair, but it’s already a very solid shooter, offering a tense and strategic experience where accuracy is king.

Important Note: Xenoraid is still in early in development, so the dev asks players not to share or stream videos of gameplay footage. The dev is very keen to get feedback though, so anyone who offers useful feedback will get their name in the credits! Please leave feedback here (or in the comments section below)

We have 20 Steam Beta Keys to giveaway for Xenoraid.  We’ll be giving 10 keys away via our official Facebook Page, and 10 keys via our official Steam Group, Claim yours now! (and please leave feedback!)