XenoRaptor is a beautiful, fast paced, top down shooter with co-op play and a fantastic array of fully customisable weapons that’s currently on Steam Greenlight.

The gameplay is frantic, fast paced and fun, with 44 different enemy types 13 Boss fights, visually stunning weaponry, explosions and backdrops.  As well as the single player campaign (with online scoreboards), you can also play 8 player co-op or 16 player deathmatches, for a great fix of multiplayer carnage.

What makes this game truly special though, are the customisation options.  You can build and paint your own ship to make it unique, then kit it out with a your own custom built weapons.  There are hundreds of different weapons you can make by combining various components, including radioactive chainguns, tesla blasters, rocket propelled chainsaws and teleporting attack bears.

XenoRaptor is fantastic fun, it’s a well crafted top down space shooter, with an infusion of Dead Rising style, crazy weapon building.  Highly Recommended.

Vote for it on Steam Greenlight and watch a vid of it in action HERE

We have 100 Beta Keys to give away!

We’ll give out 50 through our Tumblr page, and 50 through Twitter (@GamerAlphaBeta).  The Dev plans to convert these to Steam Keys if the game gets through Greenlight.

Keys can be redeemed or purchased on the official website HERE