Xenotep – Game Jam Build Download


Xenotep, a challenging sci-fi pixel art puzzler set on a strange planet made for the Adventure Jam, has you trying to solve Myst-esque puzzles to gain gems to unlock a mysterious pyramid.

You have landed on a strange planet somewhere in the galaxy. All along this planet are little puzzles that you can try to click on to solve. Some of these puzzles are quite tricky, like floating sound rocks and a giant bubble. You must figure out how to solve each of these puzzles to get a triangle gem. These gems will then open up a mysterious pyramid that you can then go into.

This game does not give you any direct guidance on how to solve these puzzles, so you must use your environment and figure out what everything means. There are some clues to help you out with the different puzzles, though they do take some thought to figure out. As in Myst, the puzzles can generally be solved by observing your surroundings, experimentation and logic. A couple of the puzzles can be solved just by luck, but that may take a while!

It’s an interesting, stylish and very challenging little puzzler.  Xenotep only has a handful of puzzles, but thanks to their fiendish design, it may take you a while to get into that pyramid!

Download Xenotep Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)