XF Drive – Beta Demo

XF Drive is an awesome Out Run style retro racing game with Trackmania-esqe gravity defying tracks that feel like you’re driving through a world based on every 3D arcade game from the 90s.

Currently in development by Feperd Games (Creator of the Spark the Electric Jester games), XF Drive is a glorious homage to the 90s arcade racer, with vibrant retro visuals, outlandish track design, crazy speeds and power-slide filled arcade handling. The full game will feature an a Career mode, but the current build focuses on an OutRun-esque adventure mode where you race through checkpoints along traffic-filled roads.

In XF Drive’s Adventure mode there are five different cars to choose from, each corresponding to a different level of difficulty. They all handle well, and allow you to power-slide around corners to earn boosts. There are three races and one boss race in the current build, with the tracks starting off looking fairly normal, then getting crazier as they go on – incorporating Trackmania-esque gravity defying loops and twists. Each course has multiple routes and there’s lots of great touches in the scenery too – such as giant Gundam style mechs stood by the side of the road. It feels like you’re racing through locations from classic 90s arcade games like Virtual Cop, Gunblade and Daytona USA.

If you’re a fan of classic arcade racing games then you owe it to yourself to give XF Drive a go. It really nails the style and it’s a blast racing through its vibrant retro world. A high speed trip down memory lane. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The XF Drive Beta Demo Here (Windows)