Yamadera, Yamagata Japan (Lushfoil Photography Sim) – Beta Download

Yamadera, Yamagata Japan is a breathtakingly beautiful first person exploration game where you explore, take pictures and discover secrets in a near-photorealistic recreation of the Yamadera Mountain Temple in Japan.

Created as part of caves rd’s Lushfoil Photography Sim series (previous installments including
Lago di Braies, Italy and Castle Rock Beach, West Australia) Yamadera, Yamagata Japan allows you to visit a near-perfect recreation of Japan’s Yamadera Temple and the surrounding area. You’re completely free to wander around and take in the sights and sounds of the tranquil setting, and you can also complete challenges and go in search of a some fun secrets.

The main challenge in the game revolves around finding the perfect spots to replicate 10 specific pictures. Most are easy enough to find, but a few will require a keen eye. There are also seven totems to find scattered throughout the area and a few other fun little secrets are hidden away too. It can take quite some time to find everything hidden in this beautifully crafted environment.

As with the other installments of the Lushfoil Photography Sim series, Yamadera, Yamagata Japan really does make you feel like you’ve actually visited its location. It’s a very immersive experience and a masterclass in environmental design – it’s not just the high quality visuals and textures that make it look so real, but the way its world is so organically constructed. It’s as close as you can get to visiting Yamadera in real life and you genuinely feel like you could reach out and touch it. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Yamadera, Yamagata Japan Here (Windows)