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Yandere Simulator, Yandere meaning love-struck, is a stealth game about stalking a boy who you’re obsessed with, and will do ANYTHING to get his affection.

While trying to gain your crush’s love, you have to secretly eliminate any girl who seems interested in your beloved, through various means – which include manipulation, framing the innocent and murder.  All the while you have to maintain the image of an innocent schoolgirl and not get caught.

Think of this game as a mix of the Hitman games and some of the stranger Japanese anime shows with all the silly and perverted actions and scenes that go along with them (there’s a bit of a fascination with ‘panties’).  Yandere Simulator may not be for everyone, it’s pretty macabre stuff, but it’s certainly entertaining and well worth checking out if you’re a fan of anime, murder and stealth.

Check out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Yandere Simulator Prototype HERE (new build every two weeks)

5 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator – Prototype Download”

  1. objectives will be added right?. if u do here an idea what if we pick our own sempai and gather all that stuff? that would add some months and other objectives. also theres that metal mode it wont shut off

    • ALIANA i find that walking near SENPAI while your going mental puts it down DONT GO near him if your fully insane

  2. I think the objective of this game is to make senpai notice you, obviously, everyone wants that. And well, I haven’t play it yet, I’m downloading it right now, but I have watched some gameplays and I saw a situation where you go to school and then you have a line of weapons to select, and then you see senpai…and I thought “you have to kill those who’re near senpai”…and the gamer did on the video, but he got heartbraked cuz’ he didn’t hide all the evidence…so, given all this, I guess in this game you have to do all kind of crazy things to get to be alone with senpai, even kill all the people on the school without being arrested or suspected by the police…or maybe even get rid of the whole city, just to make senpai notice you…I think that would be the better way to finish this game, it would be fun to avoid the police with all that stuff going on on the city, like a detective movie :D Thanks so much for the prototype.

    • Did you watch Markiplier? And, yes you are right. You eliminate EVERY girl that comes in
      contact/ and or has a crush on Senpai. The next thing you need is for him to realize who you are and he will like you

      I don’t have this game, but I am downloading soon.

  3. Laughing also makes you sane, and Senpai won’t think you are weird (leaving you heartbroken)

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