Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom – Beta Demo

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is a wonderfully energetic driving platformer that draws inspiration from Crazy Taxi and Super Mario 64, where you traverse bizarre worlds to stop an alien invasion.

In Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom you take control of a cute little wind-up yellow taxi who has a very important (and quite silly) mission. You need to collect gears that are scattered across strange worlds to prevent the “Tosla” oil company and their CEO “Alien Mosk” from taking over the world.

You’ll travel to various self-contained Mario 64-esque worlds and drive around in search of gears that are located in various hard to reach places. You’ll also collect lots of coins, meet quirky characters and discover plenty of fun secrets.

The only issue at the moment is that the jumping mechanic is unnecessarily fiddly and imprecise, which results in some very frustrating moments. The game does make a point of saying it has no dedicated jump button, but that’s not much of a selling point when the alternative involves a complex procedure of boosting, cancelling the boost, then accelerating and aiming in the direction you want to go.

Jumping issues aside, it’s a fun game with a delightfully silly premise, lots of character and interesting worlds that are a pleasure to explore. A silly and entertaining arcade racing platformer well worth taking for a spin!

Download the Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom Beta Demo Here (Steam)