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Yet Another Door, a mysterious game made for the TAG Jam 19, will ask you to do what you are told.

You start off in a nearly empty room, with a note on a piece of paper telling you that if you do what you are told, then you will be rewarded.  You are also given a companion, in the form of a portable computer screen. You cannot interact much with this companion, though it does have some funny things to say to you. It tells you to start your adventure by entering an elevator.

What you need to do (or so you are told) is to collect three punch cards, enter them into three terminals, and go back to the elevator. At first, this is stupidly easy task. Open up doors around this huge maze-like building. Collect the colored cards, enter them into the terminals. Go into the elevator, go to another floor, restart. Your companion starts to ponder when the reward will come and if you are insane for just doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out. Thats when new things start to appear. Tapes start to show up in the offices. They have some weird information on them, about spheres mainly. There are also some locked rooms you have seen before, but now the keys show up…

You must decide if you should continue on, following the rules and doing what you are told, or if you much rather explore the secrets of this building. Maybe, find out why you are here or what this place even is. There are always more doors to look behind, more key cards to find, more terminals to start up, but is that all there is to this world?  Will you do as you are told?

Download Yet Another Door HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Anyone has an idea about the last 12 digit code?
    Found only the film poster with 619 so far.
    Even adding all used codes together, two digits are missing.

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