Yet Another Exhausting Day – Prototype Download

Yet Another Exhausting Day, a charming physics-based platforming adventure about ordinary people living exhausting lives, has you slinking and rolling around pillow-filled rooms, trying to avoid falling asleep!

In Yet Another Exhausting Day you take control of three young individuals who are tying to avoid sleep long enough to reach their beds. However, you’ll need to make your way through a series of obstacle-filled levels before you can reach the beds. Each of the three current characters all have their own set of unique levels and stories that revolve around their modern day problems that are keeping them awake. As you make it to major points in the game, you are given little bits of story before moving onto the next obstacle-filled level that needs to be snaked through.

As you are extremely exhausted your movement consists of you rolling around and slinking across the floor (or wall, or couch, or whatever objects are near you). Slowly, your sanity decreases, and if it gets too low before you make it to the end, you will fall into a deep slumber. There are also other objects like pillows and booze that make you sleepy as well – forcing you to stop your quest. There are other objects that very much help you stay awake though – like flower pots and clocks that can be head-butted for a bit more sanity and energy drinks that stop pillow’s deadly effects and keep your sanity from decreasing.

It’s a fun little game with a unique control system, challenging level design and interesting narratives that explore the worries of modern day life. A sleepy slinking physics-based platforming adventure that won’t put you to sleep.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Yet Another Exhausting Day Here (Windows)