Yet Another Godzilla Game – Game Jam Build Download

Yet Another Godzilla Game Download

Yet Another Godzilla Game, a super fun little destruction-filled game made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you playing a cute and cuddly Godzilla who must cause as much devastation as possible before his inevitable demise!

In Yet Another Godzilla Game, you play a Godzilla, the giant monster that is able to destroy a whole city with the stomping of its huge feet. You also can roll into buildings and use your laser – that conveniently shoots out of your mouth – to destroy things. As you destroy the world around you, buildings break into satisfying pieces, pouring onto the ground. Your score, measured in Yen, will increase as you destroy things.

After starting your rampage helicopters will start to appear, looking to stop your destruction. The best way of dispatching them is with your laser breath. The helicopters do fire back, which will chip away at your life until you die (you don’t have any way to regain health).

It’s a very simple game, with pretty shallow gameplay, but your chunky Godzilla is adorable and smashing up buildings is always fun!

Download Yet Another Godzilla Game Here (Windows)