Yet Another Zombie Survivors – Beta Sign Up

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a Vampire Survivors style roguelite horde hell shooter where you command a small team of soldiers who fight their way through swarms of zombies.

The gameplay in Yet Another Zombie Survivors will be pretty similar to the likes of Vampire Survivors, with you commanding the movement of your characters as they blast zombies and earn upgrades. However, rather than controlling one character, you’ll command a small team, which you choose at the start of your run.

Your team could consist of a lone SWAT soldier with a trusty dog or a full team of mercenaries armed with swords, rocket launchers and flamethrowers. As you progress you’ll be able to evolve your squad, kitting them out with perks, gear and support skills, and you’ll even be able to unlock ultimate abilities.

There may be a lot of these types of games around at the moment (as the title of the game suggests), but visually Yet Another Zombie Survivors is very impressive and the customizable squad should add a lot of depth. Sign up for the Beta to see how long you can survive.

Sign Up For The Yet Another Zombie Survivors Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)