Ynglet – Beta Demo

Ynglet is a beautiful explorative platforming adventure without platforms, where you control a weird little tentacled organism that jumps between bubbles that float in the sky.

Currently in development by Nifflas (creator of Knytt, Uurnog and Affordable Space Adventures), is a very unique adventure with beautiful doodle visual style and a reactive soundscape. In the game you take control of an odd little tentacled creature that looks like a doodle come to life and can swim around in globules of water that float in the air. You need to swim, jump and dash between these globs of water as you make your way through each level, grabbing collectibles along the way.

The Ynglet prologue only features a few levels, but they’re a lot of fun and it makes for a very unique and chilled out (non)platforming experience. The audio and visual design is fantastic and the world feels very organic, like your’s a microscopic organism hopping between the cells of a much larger entity. A marvellous microscopic journey well worth undertaking.

Download the Ynglet Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)