You Are A Hoverboard – Game Jam Build Download

You Are A Hoverboard

You Are A Hoverboard is a ridiculous hoverboarding game in which you do sick flips and show off your skills to earn enough cash for your moms hospital bill.

‘Bizarre’ doesn’t quire cut it when describing the gameplay of You Are A Hoverboard.  As you hover around the arena (with a large giraffe in the middle of it) pulling off flips and spins, a variety of strange animals will pop up on screen and congratulate you on your skills – from budgies to owls with human arms.  A very silly skating game, we’ll worth taking out for a few surreal kick-flips.

Download You Are A Hoverboard HERE (Windows & Mac)

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  1. Skating around whit the hoverboard from Back to the Future (close to it anyway) and tripping music plus that giraffe xD Epic game! What´s up with the talking animals, how do they know this hoverboard and I do wonder how the boards mom looks like, must be a human, because a hospital is a place for humans… so how is the father looking…he must be a board, but how did they end up having a hoverboard as a baby, this is to deep for me…
    See my video of me playing it here:

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