You Are Now Possessed – Game Jam Build

You Are Now Possessed is a very inventive turn-based puzzler where each time you move the character will move in its own pre-defined directions too.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, You Are Now Possessed is a puzzle game where you only have half-control of your character. Your goal in each level is to make your way to the exit, but for each turn that you move, your possessed character gets to move too. This means that you have to anticipate your character’s movements and account for them to avoid walking into a trap or an enemy.

The upcoming possessed movements for your character are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes there will be no possessed movements at all and sometimes there’s a big long chain of them – which makes things tricky and also allows form some very clever level design.

It’s a fantastic concept that really makes it feel like you’re battling with your body as you try to guide it towards the goal. The pixel art animation is excellent and the levels are challenging and very inventive. Highly recommended.

Play You Are Now Possessed Here (Browser)