You Can Double JUMP – Alpha Download

you can double jump

You Can Double JUMP is a an addictive precision platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy and Yoshi’s Island in which you use your running, jumping and double jumping skills to traverse diverse levels filled with lots of hidden secrets.

Gameplay in You Can Double JUMP is very much focused on skill based precision platforming – you will die often but each new attempt will get you further.  Visually it draws comparisons to Super Meat Boy, but the level design feel a bit more Mario-esque, with plenty of secrets to be found for those that stray from the beaten path – including some very cool gravity bending Warp Space bonus levels.

Aside from the addictive gameplay, You Can Double JUMP also impresses with it’s charming visuals and infectious soundtrack.  In-fact the soundtrack is so cheerful and catchy that you still don’t even get frustrated after failing to make a jump for the 10th time running.  Which is a good thing as you wouldn’t want to rage quit this addictive, fun and secret-filled precision platformer.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available