You can’t do it alone – Game Jam Build Download

You can’t do it alone is an atmospheric first person and second person horror game where you control the movement of the camera and the character as they try to escape a creepy prison.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams, You can’t do it alone is a short PS1 styled horror game set in a prison that’s been abandoned by the guards, with the prisoners left in it. All the prisoners are blinded by the large helmets that are attached to them and now they’re left to lose their minds in the darkness. You can’t see either, but you can use the feed from a flying drone to help guide your way…

In You can’t do it alone you control the drone with the WASDQE keys and the mouse, and you control the prisoner with the arrow keys. You need to use the video feed from the drone to help guide the prisoner through prison to the exit. The drone can fly around quite freely and is able to squeeze through vents and hold open doors for the prisoner, but it can’t stray too far away from the prisoner or it will lose its signal.

There are no big scary moments (there wasn’t enough time in the jam to add them), but You can’t do it alone has a great atmosphere and the prisoners that have been driven mad in the darkness are quite unsettling. It would be nice to see it expanded on, as being able to control the camera and the player totally independently is a very interesting concept and it works remarkably well. It makes for a very tense experience, creating a symbiosis between drone and the prisoner and making you a little on edge whenever they’re separated.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download You can’t do it alone Here (Windows)