YOU LEFT ME – Game Jam Build

YOU LEFT ME is a beautiful and surreal hand drawn adventure that explores themes of loneliness and loss that as you find yourself trapped in a dream-like nighttime world.

In YOU LEFT ME you take on the role of a young woman who has forgotten something important and must remember what it was before she’s trapped in a surreal nighttime world forever. Your vision is blurry, your mind is hazy and it’s obvious that the thing you’ve forgotten has had a deep impact on your life. You can explore the strange nighttime world, searching for clues, talking to your one-eyed cat, listening to the Moon’s cheesy jokes and you can even take a train to different destinations.

YOU LEFT ME doesn’t take too long to play through but there are five different endings and lots of details that you may miss, so it’s definitely worth playing through multiple times. The artwork is fantastic throughout and the ambient soundtrack and surreal imagery help to create a beautiful nightmare that you don’t want to wake up from. Highly Recommended.

Trigger Warning: YOU LEFT ME contains scenes of suicide

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (2 of 5 Endings)

Download YOU LEFT ME Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)