You Must Escape – Game Jam Build

You Must Escape

You Must Escape, a game made for the Ludum Dare 26, has you using echolocation to find your way around pitch black levels.

As you walk around each level, the sound of your footsteps cast white lines around the room. These lines help show what is ahead and around you. You can also make clicking sounds to widen the area you are able to see. Using this sound to find your way to the exit, where the sound is slightly different in color, almost brighter, is quite helpful. That is, until enemies start following the sound.

As you use sound to guide you, things like traps and enemies show up red. Traps stay in their space, not moving to follow you, but enemies follow the sound. You have to make sound to find the exit, so you must balance making noise and walking quietly. When walking quietly, its almost as if nothing is happening. As soon as you make noise, however, you can see that you have moved and so has the enemy.

If you are caught by an enemy or fall into a trap, the only sound that will light up the level, is the sound of your cries as you die. If you get to the door, the sound of the door opening will light up the whole level.  How many levels can you find your way through in the dark?

You Must Escape is being expanded into a full game, find out more about Dark Echo HERE

Play You Must Escape in your browser HERE