You Suck at Parking – Alpha Demo

You Suck at Parking aims to be the world’s most extreme parking game as you go through all manner of crazy obstacle courses to safely park your vehicles.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, in each level of You Suck at Parking your aim is to park your car. Sounds easy? The actual parking often is, but getting to that parking spot in the first place? That’s another matter!

There’s a good selection of levels to play though in the You Suck at Parking demo build, which you access by driving through a quirky isometric hub world. In each level your aim is to reach your parking spots and park your cars as quickly as possible, but there’s a lot of hazards to deal with – such as deadly barriers, high-powered magnets, high winds and oncoming traffic.

It’s a great game that certainly makes finding a parking spot a lot more exciting than it is at your local superstore. Who knew parking could be so much fun?

Download The You Suck at Parking Alpha Demo Here (Steam)