You Will Die Here Tonight – Pre-Alpha Download

You Will Die Here Tonight is a tense time-looping survival horror adventure with timing sensitive turn-based combat in a creepy zombie-infested Resident Evil-esque mansion.

In You Will Die Here Tonight it’s no spoiler to say that you are going to die tonight. However, the actions of your characters may aid (or hinder) those who remain. In the game you take control of members from an elite team who have tracked down a serial killer to a large creepy mansion. All the team members have become separated though, the mansion is overrun with zombies and if you die then things REALLY start to get weird…

In the full version of You Will Die Here Tonight players will be able to take control of all the characters in the team and the acts of the previous characters will affect the following characters chances of survival. The current build takes around 30 minutes to play through and features one playable character and sees you exploring the mansion, scavenging useful items and fending off zombies – which sounds a lot like Resident Evil, but there are some very significant differences.

Firstly, all of the combat is turn based and uses timing sensitive QTE-esque elements as you target different parts of the zombies and time your shots tight to hit them. One zombie is easy enough to fend off, but when they attack in groups then you really need to be precise with your trigger finger as it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. However, death is just the beginning in this game – if you die then the time loop will begin again but certain aspects of the environment will be different, allowing you to learn a little more of the story and hopefully increasing your chances of survival.

When you initially pick up You Will Die Here Tonight it can seem like a bit of a Resident Evil knock-off, but the more you play the more you realize it’s got a lot of clever ideas of its own. The turn based combat is very intense, the time-looping element is very interesting and the story is far better than most survival horror games. It’ll be interesting to see how the consequences of character actions carry over to other characters in the full game as it’s a great concept. Terrifying time looping survival horror where death is just the beginning.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The You Will Die Here Tonight Pre-Alpha Here (Steam)