Your God Demands… – Game Jam Build

Your God Demands… is a challenging single screen platformer where you need to make sure you sacrifice the correct monsters to your all-powerful chicken god!

In Your God Demands… you run around a dungeon, trying to keep your chicken god happy by throwing specific monsters into the fire pit in the middle of the screen. The single-screen arcade gameplay is inspired by Super Crate Box, but you don’t use guns, instead you grab and throw the monsters into the fire pit in the center of the screen.

If the wrong monster (one that the god hasn’t asked for) falls in the pit or you toss in the wrong one then the fire will deplete. As all the monsters as a little suicidal and aimlessly walk towards the fire pit in the center of the screen, you will need to grab them and throw them back. After a few incorrect sacrifices, you will displease the god, and lose the game.

The pixel art animation is excellent and it’s a tricky little game that will require some real sorting skills to survive for longer than a few minutes. How long will you be able to appease the chicken god?

Download Your God Demands… Here (Windows – Controller Recommended)