Your Little Human – Game Jam Build Download


Your Little Human, an addictive and frantic blend of Tamagotchi and time management made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you balancing the needs of your own little pet human!

In Your Little Human you must attempt to survive for as long as you can while managing different aspects of your life. You need food, entertainment, sleep, and to use the bathroom. You also need to work, which gives you money which you can use to purchase food and upgrades, but it really takes a toll on your entertainment levels. All of these ‘needs bars’ are displayed at the bottom of the screen and will drain as you do other tasks.

The bars will drain very fast initially, making it seemingly impossible to continue on without dying. But once you earn a bit of cash and purchase upgraded beds, fridges, computers, and toilets, you are able to fill up your ‘needs bars’ faster and spend less time keeping your needs balanced and more time working. More time working means you can purchase more upgrades, which mean you can spend even more time working… and so on.  Eventually it feels like you’re stuck in an endless and strangely addictive loop of working, buying, sleeping, eating and pooping – which actually makes it an extremely accurate simulation of human life!

Play of Download Your Little Human Here (Browser & Windows)