You’re Doomed – Pre-Alpha Download

You’re Doomed is a fast paced SMASH TV style top-down multiplayer twin-stick arcade shooter that allows up to four players to blast their way through monster-filled levels as they accumulate massive multipliers and millions of points.

In You’re Doomed you control one of four characters as they blast their way through a series of kill rooms populated by deadly monsters. The current Pre-Alpha build features local co-op play for up to four players and one large level that takes around 10 minutes to make your way through.

It’s cooperative in that you’re all trying to survive against the hordes of monsters, but it’s also competitive as you try to outscore each other. Killing enemies earns you points and also drops little orbs which you can pick up to increase your multiplier and your firepower. The firepower upgrades are fairly limited at the moment but the multiplier can increase indefinitely, allowing you to rack up some seriously huge scores if you avoid getting hit.

As it’s still in pre-Alpha, the current build of You’re Doomed is pretty bare-bones, with just a couple of different types of baddies to blast and a distinct lack of power-ups. The core gameplay is great fun though, with fast paced run n’ gun action, smooth frame rates, responsive controls and plenty of on screen carnage. Well worth checking out for some intense score-chasing twin-stick arcade fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

To download the pre-Alpha just join the official Discord group and download the latest build from the #builds channel.