You’re fired! – Alpha Download

Youre fired game

You’re fired! is a fun and wonderfully therapeutic first person combat game in which your aim is to cause as much chaos, carnage and destruction in your workplace as possible before you die.

In You’re Fired pretty much everything (and everyone) can be smashed – from cars to fax machines, and they all have a point value that adds to your score. While on your rampage you can earn multiplier bonuses by completing objectives, such as destroying 20 random objects within a time limit and you can also pick up a wide range of weaponry – from baseball bats to hand grenades.

Of course your fellow employees and the police (and the army) don’t take to kindly to your antics and will constantly try to attack you. You can purchase more health from vending machines, but it’s best not to spend too much time on one floor or you’ll soon be overwhelmed – there are plenty of floors to explore and cause carnage on anyway!

You’re fired! Is still early in development and does feel a little bit buggy at times, but it’s a wonderfully chaotic and stress relieving game that’s great for short blasts of destructive fun. A perfect way to unwind after a hard day in the office!

Important Note: Press Q (or X on the Controller) to drop a weapon once you’ve used up all the bullets or you won’t be able to attack! We also recommend turning up the in game music a little before you start as it can be a little quiet without it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here