You’re Watching ICEBOX! – Game Jam Build Download

You’re Watching ICEBOX! is a hilarious little pixel art point and click adventure that follows a desperately uncool host as he tries his best to keep his chat show running smoothly.

Created by Powerhoof (creators of the excellent The Drifter, Peridium and The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack), in You’re Watching ICEBOX! you take on the role of a chat show host who is way older and out of touch with the audience he’s trying to appeal to. Your chat show is in serious danger of being axed, so it’s vital that this recording goes smoothly – which may be hard when your guests include your divorce lawyer, a very fussy German techo-pop musical group and a zooligist who has brought along a bucket of snakes and a “Murder-Death Vulture”. To top things off the set is on fire, so no pressure!

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, You’re Watching ICEBOX! is a fantastic little point and click adventure with superb voice acting and a wicked sense of humor. All the characters are hilarious – particularly the saucy Dr. Fanny Kochbaum (who you may recognise from The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack) who really loves a double-entendre and Nihilistobahn a German techno-pop group who are definitely based on The Big Lebowski’s Autobahn. Sure, the TV show you’re hosting may be garbage, but it makes for a very entertaining point and click adventure! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download You’re Watching ICEBOX! Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)