You’re Winding Me Up Harvey! – Game Jam Build Download

Youre Winding Me Up Harvey Game Download

You’re Winding Me Up Harvey! is a fun little first person puzzle adventure in which you make your way through a series of cleverly designed clockwork puzzle rooms as you attempt to retrieve Harvey’s heart.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, You’re Winding Me Up Harvey! offers us a superb little adventure that’s full of inventive puzzle design. Each short level is a self contained puzzle that involves you utilizing clockwork mechanisms to reach the exit. They start of fairly simple, but it throws up some puzzles that require some real thinking outside of the box later on.

The chunky visuals in You’re Winding Me Up Harvey! are simple, but charming and offer a cheerful, chilled out environment for you to solve the puzzles in. It’s a great little game that impresses from start to finish with its creative design – a cleverly crafted clockwork puzzler well worth checking out.

Note: If you get a blank screen at the start, press Alt + Enter to swap to windwed mode

Download You’re Winding Me Up Harvey Here (Windows)