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Yours Truly Game

Yours Truly, is a beautiful 10 minute gem that serves as a war analogy, with two strange shadows being too different to live at each others side – no matter how much they want it.

The art design is fantastic as you traverse the barren wilderness with your shivering shadowy figure – you immediately feel for this strange dark being.  Blood red trails of red poppies stand in stark contrast to the sheer white wintery landscape, while the bitter cold and loneliness of the icy tundra mean that when you see another living being, you actively want to seek it out – hoping the comfort of companionship may take the edge off those freezing winds.

It’s short, eerily beautiful and packs a powerful emotional punch.  Yours Truly, is a game that everyone should experience and an experience you’ll never forget.  Highly recommended.

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13 thoughts on “Yours Truly, – Student Project Download”

  1. What is the Screen resolution for this game? The screen does not allow me to play it, because it shows me a problem “Signal out of range 67.4 kHz / 60 Hz”. I would like to answer this question, so we can enjoy this game looks awesome ;;

  2. Oh man I really liked this game, though it was really short (pretty sure it was actually less than 10 minutes) I still enjoyed it. The character designs won me over. Thought it’d be interesting if this game became more developed

    • Hi, Yeah. Chrome wrongly flags the file as malicious as it’s a self extracting .EXE file. We can’t figure out a way to get Chrome to fix this, but can vouch it’s 100% safe. :)

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