YouTuber’s Life OMG – Game Key Giveaway (PS4 & Xbox One)

YouTuber’s Life OMG is a simulation game where you build up a content creation empire as you go from cranking out simple vids in your parent’s house to becoming the greatest video blogger in history.

Currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS and Android, YouTuber’s Life OMG is a fun and surprisingly comprehensive content creator simulation game. In the game you start by launching your venture from your parents house where you gain your first few subscribers and likes. You’ll use social media to build your fanbase, communicate with fans and deal with the haters and you’ll also socialise in real life – hanging out with friends, going to parties and attending industry events.

YouTuber’s Life OMG features three career paths to follow, with your channel able to focus on gaming, music or cooking. There’s lots of different areas each type of channel can focus on too – so for instance a in a gaming channel you can record gameplays, review video games, do speed runs, create in-depth walkthroughs, collect consoles or even develop your own video games.

As you build your blogging empire you’ll earn fans, fame and wealth. Your cash can be used to customize your place and even buy new places – with you eventually being able to buy a mansion in outer space!

We have 25 Xbox One Keys and 25 Playstation 4 keys for YouTuber’s Life OMG to give away! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 15th of March. Please note that the PS4 keys are for North America only (Xbox One keys are worldwide).

YouTuber’s Life OMG is available on Steam or via the respective PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android stores.

YouTuber’s Life OMG Game Key Giveaway! (PS4 & Xbox One)

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