ZED – Alpha Demo

ZED game

ZED is a jawdroppingly beautiful first person puzzle adventure from the artist behind MYST, in which you explore surreal dreamworlds, solving tricky puzzles as you assist a dying dreamers leave a lasting legacy for his granddaughter.

When you seep into it’s initially monochromatic world, the excellent art style and architecture immediately impresses, with tall, twisted buildings and large structures floating in the air. The beauty of the scenery is only compounded once some color bursts onto the scene, with different lighting effect present depending on what section of the strange city you’re in.

The puzzle design is very much in a similar vein as MYST, with you having to pay careful attention to your surroundings and interpreting abstract clues to aid your progress. It may be hard to notice these clues initially though – as you’ll be too busy just staring in wonder at the surreal architecture of the dreamscape. By the end to the Alpha Demo you’ll be dying to see more of the strange worlds ZED has to offer – a beautiful puzzle adventure that feels like you’re waling through a piece of art.

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Download The ZED Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)