Zenzizenzic – Beta Download


Zenzizenzic is far more than a word that someone made up to cheat at Scrabble, it’s also a skilful Twin-stick shooter full of intricate bullet patterns and a mesmerising minimalistic beauty.  Best played with a 360 control pad, you can play with up to 2 players, weave through intricate bullet patterns, dodge and shoot enemies with a variety of weapons to achieve the best high score and beat various challenges.

Zenzizenzic can be favourably compared to Geometry Wars, with it’s excellent, minimal art style, high difficulty and precise gameplay.  Highly recommend, it’s so damn pretty!

UPDATE:  Zenzizenzic is now on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter!  We’d recommend voting on Greenlight and checking out the Kickstarter page for this beautiful game – the Kickstarter goal is only €2,000.

Check Out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE

Update: Beta No Longer Available