Zero G Arena – Alpha Download (Steam)

Zero G Arena download

Zero G Arena is a very cool minimalist multiplayer third person arena shooter with zero gravity, ragdoll physics and magnetic boots that can be turned on and off at will!

The objective in Zero G Arena is the same as most multiplayer shooters – run, gun and blast your opponents. The zero gravity physics add a whole new element to the gameplay though – adding verticality and a little bit of ragdoll hilarity as players run along floors, walls and ceilings, or turn off their magnet boots and fly through the air. In fact once you get to grips with the zero gravity, traversing the arenas is so much fun that the combat sometimes feels like it’s just getting in the way!

Zero G Arena is still very early in development and does have a few rough edges, but it shows great promise. The core gameplay is particularly fun, full of zero gravity floppy ragdoll mayhem. We’ll look forward to seeing more of Zero G Arena in the future – it’s already a blast to play, but with a few more features and a bit of polish it could be epic.

Note:  Use ‘E’ to toggle the power to your gravity boots!

Check Out a Zero G Arena Gameplay Video Here

Download The Zero G Arena Alpha Here (Steam)